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佐倉語学研修 Sakura Winter English Camp








■Sakura English Camp (for JHS students) Dec 22 (Sun) to Dec 28 (Sat)

 In December, three teachers from Wayo Junior High School’s sister school in Australia, St. Hilda’s, came to the Sakura Seminar House, where we held our Sakura English Camp. There were two terms (Dec 22nd to 25th and Dec 25th to 28th), with about 45 students attending each term. The students stayed at the Sakura Seminar House for three nights and four days. During the camp, they had about 7 hours of English lessons every day!

 The students were divided into three groups by their English abilities. This experience was very valuable for them, especially for the first graders who haven’t learned very many English expressions yet. Because they were really motivated and tried to understand what their Australian teachers were saying, by the final day, they had gained enough confidence in their English skills to communicate with their Australian teachers actively.

 In addition to English teachers from Wayo and the teachers from St. Hilda’s, university students who are alumni of Wayo JHS came to help during the camp. They assisted the students during their lessons and also acted as good role-models by demonstrating their excellent English language skills. When the students heard the assistants speaking such good English, many of them said, “I want to be like them.” One of the assistants told us that when she was a Wayo JHS student, she decided to study abroad after she attended the Sakura English Camp. We hope that this year many students were inspired, just as she was, to continue striving to improve their English communication ability.

 On the last night of the camp, there was a big Christmas party. Each group had learned and practiced English Christmas carols for this party, and they performed them for everybody. The students had a wonderful time. When they were leaving the camp, some of them even cried because they had to say goodbye to their Australian teachers, but they also said ‘We want to come back again next year!’

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