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知性、活力、熱意 ~世の為人の為~ 和洋陸上部



1 自分のやりたいことを、見つけよう
2 一生懸命に取り組み、成し遂げよう
3 よりよい社会になるよう、貢献しよう


Smart, Active, and Giving Back to Society- The Wayo Track and Field Club

There are many girls in this school who are working hard at both their studies and at their club.They are excellent examples of what Wayo girls can be- strong AND smart. They are also eager to be useful to society and Wayo’s track team recently proved this. They want to show that people can use their hobbies, their careers, their lives to be of service to their communities.
They were asked to read a book about a young man from Canada. He loved to run, too, but sadly he lost his leg to cancer when he was a teenager. A charity marathon was started in his name to raise money for cancer research. Such a marathon is run in Tokyo every year. Specifically, it raises money for breast cancer research. Supporting such research is a task that, of course, a girls’ school should support. The track team was moved by this story and wanted to participate in some way.
So, on Saturday, November 30th, six girls and four staff members will take part in the Run for the Cure. Many people know this race because of its symbol, the pink ribbon.Let's cheer the girls on!! The race will be held in Hibiya Park. For more details, see the run’s website:

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